ART VAN GO GO is dedicated to:
  • Traveling to Chicago area communities, providing inspiring art and cultural experiences
  • Helping to fill the void created by lack of funding for art programs
  • Bringing experienced artists, facilitators and supplies to community
  • Enriching the artist in each individual, regardless of his/her age and or ability
  • Guiding and fostering self expression and imagination for all participants

Please take a look at some of our projects and the wonderful people we have met along the way…

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312-880-RUSH (7874)

Hand-painted mural at the ARK


Harmony House




..and THAT’S what it’s all about!

Irving Park food pantry

Please join us!
We work with people of all ages and all abilities. Many of the people we work with have never had an art making experience.
Everyone LOVES our time together!
This is a joyful bottom-up art revolution!!!

Chai Lifeline

Summer in The Park!! Diversey Harbor..join us this summer and let’s make some art!!

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Thank you to everyone at Teen Living for an amazing day of making art, sharing your lives and the laughter…yes, the laughter!!
South Side!!

Art Van Go Go
312.880.RUSH (7874)